[WIP] Abandoned Relationship site, Rebranding + E-commerce Store

This was an old project of mine (Victor’s) from 2018, site was left inactive since then, with the exception of some guest posts up. (No active link building or monetisation)

Domain was previously a 1 word on a gTLD, but we manage to acquire the .com after some negotiation a few days back, without worry that someone will “steal” the idea by acquiring the .com.

Intent mismatch for content.
Website has no purpose or usage, was built as a content farm.
Some old backlinks dropped off, with some spammy links built to guest posts.
No lead magnet or sales funnels.

Build as a local e-commerce + services, expand as it goes!

Current traffic/ranking numbers. (As of 14 December 2020)

from keyword.com

Stay tune for updates!

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